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With over 10 years of experience in photographic processing, we have what it takes to provide high-quality film processing for your professional or amateur needs. We are dedicated to providing 100% Customer satisfaction! But we are so much more than film processing! We are here for the analog photographic community! Whatever the task, let us handle your needs!
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Each roll is processed with passion, and handled only by those who have a passion for film. You will be proud to know that your film is only processed by professionals with experience in this industry, who still use film and who still develop their own film. That is our standard. We are a professional lab using Kodak products where applicable (Kodak no longer makes E-6 slide chemistry). Kodak has been the American tradition and standard of quality for decades, which is why we use it!
35mm, 120/220, and 127 Format
Chemistry and Film:
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Refer A Friend Program
Do your friends and family share a passion of shooting film, or still have some rolls that have been stored through the years that need to be processed?

If you let those people in your life know about us and they send us their film for processing, you will receive free processing on your next roll of film! You just pay shipping!

Keeping the art of analog film alive in your neighborhood? Let us be your life support! We can handle just about any kind of film: C-41, E-6 slides, and Black-and-White.

We can also skip on cutting your negatives or slides... whatever works best for you!
Be sure to check out our chemistry and film selection in our Squarespace! . More products to be added as time passes!
Our Approach to Film
Picture this: Chattanooga, TN in the year 2015. Minilabs across the city are shutting down one-by-one. When they were open, it would be a financial sacrifice to send your film to the lab for processing, if not a physical sacrifice of your film being cut mid-frame by a careless technician. Then it clicked: Affordable processing for all to enjoy and take advantage of, plus some! A local minilab couldn't process black-and-white or 120/220 films. And you couldn't purchase chemicals from them, let alone your very own special mix! We are the place for all your needs! We can process the simple black-and-white processes, color, slide, and even get into the more exotic processes, such as PyroCat processing! We want to offer that to match your creative vision. Otherwise, we would be just a plain film processing company picking up what others left off. We strive for awesome! Excellent! Extraordinary! You can leave plain for the cafeteria food!